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How Safe if your Safe?

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Here is an interesting story of gun safe break ins. (advertisement of course)
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My fantasy has been to have about nine or ten large as to vex them about which one to start on first. All of the Safes would be empty of course, with a large, conspicuous, fake buh-homb inside, with an Alarm clock that starts ticking soon as the Door was opened.

Sad they are so hard to find now, not too long ago, small medium or large Antique Safes were all over the place and no one wanted them...Locksmiths used to have rows of them out back, out in the weather, for dirt cheap...then, seems like they all disappeared...far as I know, most all went for scrap metal...if maybe the smaller ones having had more chance of being saved.
One of the most interesting "booby trap" gun safes I saw was a man who put his safe in the back room of an earth sheltered home.
In order to get to the safe, you had to walk down a long hallway.

In the hallway wall was an air vent.
In the carpet right at the air vent he put a hidden pressure pad.
In the air vent RIGHT where your head would be when you stepped on the pad, he put an old truck horn.

When you stepped on the pad, the air horn would blast right into your ear.
He figured that given the hinky nature of most common burglars sneaking through a house, he'd probably find evidence of their being startled on the carpet.;)

Good idea!

One could easily have an 'On Off' Wireless activated switch for something like this, too...for when one comes and goes.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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