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How Safe if your Safe?

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Here is an interesting story of gun safe break ins. (advertisement of course)
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Any safe can be defeated, given the time and skills.

The key words are "time" and "skills".
The real purpose of a gun safe is to prevent the usual break in and grab what they can find quickly home burglary.
The idea is that a safe takes time to break into, and probably most typical house burglars don't know how to open a real safe.
The most common house breaker is a teenage kid or a junkie. They have no real skills beyond how to pop open a back door or window, and they go thought in a rush, grabbing what's obvious.
They usually head straight to the bedroom because that's where the jewelery and guns are.

If they can't easily pop the door open or pick it up, you'll probably be okay.
Some security aids are to keep your mouth shut about owning guns. The knowledge that you own guns is virtually impossible to conceal, since you shoot them, visit gun stores, and you have relatives and friends who inadvertently talk about them where thieves may over hear.
Just don't blabber to everyone you can about your guns. Word WILL get around.

Buy a good quality safe and bolt it to the walls and floor with some significant bolts. An ideal spot is in a corner that has a concrete floor and walls.
Bolting prevents moving it, and bolts in a corner and floor prevent rocking the safe to tear the bolts out of the walls or out of the safe itself.

All you can do is make breaking in it as slow as possible to prevent the usual break in, grab it, and run, thieves type burglary.
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One of the most interesting "booby trap" gun safes I saw was a man who put his safe in the back room of an earth sheltered home.
In order to get to the safe, you had to walk down a long hallway.

In the hallway wall was an air vent.
In the carpet right at the air vent he put a hidden pressure pad.
In the air vent RIGHT where your head would be when you stepped on the pad, he put an old truck horn.

When you stepped on the pad, the air horn would blast right into your ear.
He figured that given the hinky nature of most common burglars sneaking through a house, he'd probably find evidence of their being startled on the carpet.;)
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