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For people interested in guns and history, building a Basic Book Collection (BBC) can be pretty daunting.

With the plethora of choices out there these days, it can make a person feel downright puny.

I'm no expert, but after 40+ years reading it repeatedly, I managed to whittle my Gun Library down to size.

Now I think of it as my very own BBC.

If you're curious, here's the Contents.

Manufacturers (USA)


No Comment (needed - lol)


(Looks like they plumb forgot 'lost interest in' - roflol)

'Smith & Western'

JMO, but 'It takes 2 to tangle' with these guys...*at least* (rofl)



'Ready on the Right'


The Grand Old Man


'...a .44 Special New Frontier...'


52 Posts
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I was expecting to see pictures of 4.25" stroker crankshafts, H-beam rods, and forged pistons.

Sorry to say, but I never had the pleasure of owning a Chevy.

Always wanted a classic like a '69 Z-28, but never took the plunge.

IIRC, I spent all my money on 'Guns & Ammo'...

Guess BBC isn't big-block Chevy? :p

Except in this and one or two other cases, I gather this isn't the place for humor.

Since it's unwelcome, I'll do my best to curtail it from now on.

For example, I just Recycle Bin'd a draft posting I wrote on gun-related online gaming.

Although it contained a few [*GASP*] jokes, it was more of a question anyway.

Next, I went ahead and 7X-Cclean'd the RB.

For the 'uninitiated', this means it isn't even History. (NOTE: If you still don't 'get it', go to Help.)

I'm sure it was all for the good.
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