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Howdy from Alabama!

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I joined this forum to learn as much as I can about the firearms I enjoy most. I've been reading lots of wonderful information already here and just decided I should speak. This seems like a friendly place to get much needed knowledge on a few guns that I own and lots more I hope to own. I've heard great things about this forum from others. I frequent 24hr Campfire mostly and use the same name (Bamagun01) there also. I'll listen mostly but I'll post something if I think it may help someone else.

Thanks for the welcome!

Oh yeah, I just brought home my first Python today. It's nothing fancy but it's mine now...grin..
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Howdy back at you from Texas!!! Congratulations on your first python. I do have to warn you that they multiply. They do seem to also cause the grinning symptom you already mentioned.
Hello and welcome to the Colt Forum. Congrats on the Python!
Bamagun01: Did you notice your name is an anagram for 0bamagun1. Welcome to the Forum.
Welcome aboard the Forum, Bama. What you've heard about the Forum is true: very educational, and also great camaraderie. Don't be shy about posting, either. Enjoy!
Welcome to the forum from SC, and congratulations on your first Python.
Welcome neighbor from Ga. My favorite all time guns are the SSA, The Python and the 1911. I can't really which I like best and you can't have too many of either gun.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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