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Howdy Yal"ll from Georgia

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I just found the Forum today by accident. I was searching for a colt cap and ball owners manual that came with the 3rd. model dragoon 2nd. gen. when it was new and here I am. I'm classify myself as a wannabe collector only limited by budget restraints. I am an avid dyed in the wool Colt type of guy. I have a few colts that I plan to keep and am working toward Colts and Winchester only gun safe. There are lots of other guns out there and to each his own. It's kinda like a ford or chevy thing, I just like Colts and to me they seem to appreciate in value more that other guns.Glad to be among like minded people that share their passion and love for the brand.Drop me a line sometime and we'll chat. Happy Thanksgiving.
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Glad you made it here. Welcome to the forum.
Welcome to The Forum. Lots of Colt information here.
Welcome, glad you stumbled upon us!
Welcome from Arizona.
Thanks to all that have made me feel welcomed. Since I'm a "Newbie" to this site, I'll just sit back ,watch and listen for a while till I get my feet wet here at CF. The old saying " you'll learn more with your eyes and ears open and your mouth shut " in my case is certainly true.
Welcome from Central Florida.
Jim - Signal_20
Welcome from Grayson, GA
Welcome aboard the Forum. I stumbled in here myself a couple years ago and have never been sorry. This is your new home for all things Colt. Enjoy!
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