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Hungarian high power 9mm

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Anyone familiar with the Hungarian 9mm (FEG PJK) that looks like a Browing High Power? FEG stands for Fegyva e Gepyar. I never heard of the gun till today. I saw one and it looked just like a high power. For under $300 I figured it might be a decent deal.
I wonder if anyone has one or ever had one and what their opinion is on these guns.
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A friend who is a real Browning freak tells me it's as good as the Browning for a lot less $$$.
IT IS AN OUTSTANDING 9MM PISTOL, the equal of the Browning FN version.
Wow There's some good reviews. Thanks! Now I an really tempted to pick this one up and see how it shoots. I have always wanted a high power but this would certainly be much less of an expenditure and it is good looking.
I have one. In spite of it's terrible trigger pull, it is more accurate than the two Browning Hi Powers I previously owned. Also, it has been reliable with all bullets. The only concern is that it leaves the last fired case on top of the magazine when shooting only 115 grain bullets, but the fired case always falls out when loading next magazine or it'll fall out by tilting the pistol. Very pleases with it.
You can usually see a couple for sale on GB in the $400 range. I cannot speak intelligently to their attributes though; never held one in person. But judging from above posters, sounds really good!
FEGs are great pistols. And for $300 you can't beat that. Parts will interchange with the Browning.
FEG Hi Power Information

The FÉG Hi-Power Blog

These two sites might be of interest. I have a Browning Hi Power and when looking for a cheap "clone" 9mm to shoot more often than the pristine Hi Power I did a bit of "study" on FEGs. It seemed that some are very reliable and some are not.

If you look at the "Other Handguns" portion of the Browning Hi Power site you will see some threads on CZ pistols. That is what I bought to "fill in" for my Hi Power. CZs will cost about $200.00 to $300.00 more than a FEG but they are an infinitely better handgun. There is no question of their reliability and accuracy.
I took one on a trade about 20 years ago. My understanding is that FEG made these under licensing arrangements. On the one I had literally all parts were interchangeable with an FN Hi Power. Accuracy and reliability were very good. As others have noted, the trigger pull was terrible, very heavy and rough. I spent a couple of evenings working with stones and achieved some improvement on the trigger pull.

That one went away on another trade after a few years. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one at the right price, but I would expect to spend a bit on gunsmithing (trigger pull) and maybe some better sights (my old eyes ain't what they used to be so those little bitty sights are a real challenge).
They are good quality pistols. They were also marketed as Mausers.
A Hungarian clone was also marketed under the FNF label, I think came from the same factory as the one you are looking at. Reputed to be a very good pistol.
Since we're talking about HP clones, this is one made by the former Ishapore Arsenal, the Indian MK1A Hi-Power.

Firearm Gun Trigger Gun accessory Practical shooting

This is an exact copy of the Canadian Inglis Hi-Power and is (was?) the main Indian Army pistol. There were a few (~300) imported in the mid-2000's, and I managed to get two for the astronomical sum of $250 each. While the exterior is a bit rough, it has a very smooth action (once you remove the magazine disconnect), and probably the best-from-the-factory trigger I have ever seen.

One of the things you should be aware of with the early HP design is that the recoil spring guide internal ball/spring assembly is retained by a screw that often unscrews under recoil and releases the internal parts. You will likely lose some of them. A bit of blue Loc-Tite will prevent this.

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I want to say Thank You to all ya'll for your comments and opinions. In large measure, as a result of your comments, I picked up the FEG, which came with it's original box and manual and 3 magazines.My son and I shot it this weekend. We shot all factory loads--S&B FMJ 124 grain (Czechoslovakia), Remington(USA) jacketed hollow points 115 grain, and Herters (Russia) 115 grain FMJ steel cases. It shot all flawlessly. No jambs, stovepipes, or failures to eject. I first shot 12 of the S&B's. Shooting was at 15 yards,offhand. 3 of them were 4" to the right but I blame them on myself ,as I wasn't used to the trigger pull. All the rest were right in line with the bullseye.4 were about 2" below my 6 oclock hold and the other 5 were right at the point of aim +- a half inch or so. So that the best 5 shot group was under 2".
The trigger pull Is heavy but I didn't notice the creep that I have with my Ruger SR-9. The trigger on the FEG just seems Heavy.
I set up bowling pins for my son and He got to where He was hitting them pretty good.
He likes it and so do I.
Afterwards,I checked the trigger pull -It is (ave.) 9 Lb. that is kinda heavy,which verifies what some of you mentioned.
I may try and hone it a little, but my son and I are pleased with it.
I have always liked the looks of the High power and this FEG clone has very nice bluing and checkered wood grips-It looks Good and shoots good!
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Does the FEG have a magazine safety? If so, remove it and that should improve your trigger pull. Years ago I sent in a Hi Power to a friend of mine for a trigger job, and part of it was the removal of the magazine safety. It really made a difference. I believe on some other forums I have seen detailed instructions on how to do this. While not easy, it apparently is not that difficult either.
When I bought the gun, I saw a small piece os steel with a square plate on 1 end and a tiny spring and a tint pin wrapped up in saran wrap. The dealer didn't know what it was and neither did I.
I found an internet site that had a pic of the mag. safety. Sure enough, that was it.
The owner must have removed it and saved it in the box.
The trigger pull as is,is 9 lb. I compared it with my Ruger SR-9 The Ruger also has a 9lb pull but with more creep.
I have only shot the FEG offhand and after getting used to the heavy trigger, I could shot about a 2" group out of 7 (at 15 yards) and all were in or around the bullseye. So the good news is it doesn't shoot way off to the left or right. That group was as good or better than the Ruger off sandbag rest. I think the FEG will shoot a tighter group than the Ruger when I get to try it off sandbag rest.
Any idea where one could purchase one?
YEP ! is a secret....just for us old close are you to being outta the whippersnapper stage as we speak...?
I bought an FEG 'High Power' a few weeks ago and I really like it.

Took it to the Range and tried it out, very accurate, comfortable, etc...but mine has about a 15 Pound Trigger pull, and I think I will be headed to some You Tube Videos or other to find out how to amend that.

My FN Browning-High Power, I recall nothing about even noticing any 'Trigger Pull' since I am used to Trigger Pulls one would NOT notice I guess...Lol.

Otherwise, as everyone has said already, all I had read prior to purchase, was favorable and positive for the FEG High Power.
Not all FEG hi-powers are full clones. look at the slide stop to be certain it is a full clone. I have three of them. Two are full clones, one is a later model with some simplifications to the slide and slide stop. The later model is on the right, you can see the stop lacks the large lobe that covers the disassembly notch. The middle pistol has a C&S extended safety, it's my competition pistol. The one on the left is unmodified.

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