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Hunk of Junk

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Okay guys, I asked all of you some questions the other day about the 44-40. Thanks to all of the informative replies, I decided to purchase a 3rd Gen SAA at a LGS. I knew they had the gun, but I hadn't actually seen it yet. So last night I drive 100 miles or so to buy the thing and when I get there and it's placed in my hands......AAAAAARGH!!!!!!!!!!. The frustration.

It is a 3rd Gen unfired #S32XXXA. Really bad cylinder shake, timing is off, firing pin sticks in hole when cocked and when you let the hammer down it won't go down all the way because the firing pin doesn't line back up with the hole. Oh, and the action was HORRIBLE. You need ratchet straps just to cock the damn thing.

Based on the #, I think that makes this gun between 2000-2002? I think. I thought Colt had gotten their act together by then. How did this gun get past QC?

Anyway, the LGS said they are going to send it back to Colt and will call me when they get it back. Not sure I'll buy it when/if it comes back, but the big ? I have for you guys is how long do you think that will take?

Today, I am one frustrated cowboy.
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Sounds like a 'lemon.' Maybe they started assembling the SAA on Friday and finished on Monday when the assembler was experiencing DT's. I think I would give up on that one and try to locate another one.
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