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Here is a very cool patch with several good stories attached to it. The "Gentleman's Ale & Quail Club" of Windsor Connecticut....yes, back when Connecticut had enough wild quail to actually dedicate a club to them.
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The club was formed by wealthy shade tobacco (cigar wrappers) growers that the area in north central CT was and is famous for. These guys were so wealthy, the comic character and comic book "Ritchie Rich" was actually a spoof of these guys, with the logos of their farms on the doors of their Lincolns and Caddys. They were further spoofed in a great black and white movie from the late 1940's "The Palm Beach Story" where they are in their private railroad car displaying serious baffoonery drinking and shooting their Parker shotguns on the train. Oh yes, the club was known for having an amazing array of Parker shotguns, just down the road a bit in Meriden (after driving past Colt). The club has been gone for some time, but a shooting buddy's father was a member, and that is where the patch came from. Since you collect them, PM me with your address and I will mail it to you. -Steve
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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