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Sonny, you did good to "pass them up" as said above the one is NOT even a 'decent'plating job, besides the prices I feel were too high.

As for the S&W,model 19, those are "lock up/timing issues" (cylinder play and 'push off') Would have to 'look and "see" more once you even get what you noticed. It could cost quite a bit to "make right".
You're "learning", as we all still do day to day.
When you "see" pits under the plating or under the finish of ANY gun , most likely it has been "refinished" and NOT well. NONE of the gun companies finished their guns "over pitting" , they just don't do that.
As for the "timing issues" you have to 'know' what you're looking for and even looking at, many guys can "show" you what they want you to see,maybe not the "correct"; besides, there are even 'different' correct tests and procedures and "How" they are done to make a cause and effect, again, maybe NOT the proper one. It is very easy to "show" a gun "in time" and say it is, when in fact the opposite may be true. Yes, it's 'slight of hand' for some of these guys and when you buy it "sight , unseen' on the internet, try and collect across the country on a "bad deal". Hopefully you run into guys who are "straight shooters" and 'honest' enough to let you have the "3 day inspection" and you better get it checked in those 3 days too!

Open the box , check it out and a qualified person can tell in a matter of seconds. NOW, the caveat to this is "how does it shoot"?? It may take time to get to the range to try it out and now another can of worms can be opened, we won't even go there !!! /forums/images/graemlins/shocked.gif
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