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I got my Trooper Mk V back TODAY from Colt Repair/Custom shop and it......

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I got my Colt Trooper Mk V back from Colt Today, and they done a Fantastic job on my gun. I origianally sent the gun in becasue the trigger snaped and broke in single action mode when I was about to shot it (it went off and scared the hell out of me). When the gun got there, they had called on the 88th day to tell me it was up for work, and that after inspection they found out it had a "BULGED" barrel, the man (Scott Brewer) had called and left a message that the above was done and that they had "NO BARREL" at Colt and they would not repair the gun with the bulged barrel and wanted to send it back to me. I did not recieve the message for a couple of days as they called my cell phone and I rarley use my cell. When I did check it I called back ASAP to them and the extension number he left.

By the time I called back, " SCOTT HAD FOUND A BARREL OFF OF ANOTHER OLDER GUN THAT WAS IN GREAT SHAPE IN MY NICKEL FINISH 4" !!!" I could not believe it, or as one of the people who replied on my original post asking about "busted or bulged barrels" You have been blessed by the Gunpart GODS, and I should be thankfull for that alone! I was so excited about that alone, and colt charged me $200.00 for the barrel, plus the 97.50 to "TUNE" the gun up and repair the trigger. Unfortunatly however, the paper or invoice had no mention about "what was wrong with the trigger that caused it to break in the first place. I have sent one last letter to Mr. Brewer asking if he would explain breifly what happend so the forum people who asked what was wrong that caused it would know, but as yet no reply.

The barrel was not in bad shape, about equal to the previes barrel; however, you can slightly see a differance in the nickel (barely) coloration between the barrel and gun frame. I have a good friend who works in Paint and Body on cars (does them 20,000.00 custom paint jobs for high dollar cars) and he told me to bring the gun down today and take apart as much as I could so he could BUFF out the cloudyness of the nickel. I told him after Dfariswheel had posted some information about polishing guns, and that the compound that needed to be used is abarisive free. He pulled up some 3m stuff that he said has almost NO abrasive in it (less than 10%) and we used it on the Old barrel (I requested to have the old barrel sent back as old parts of the originall gun, and he did) and we experimented on the old barrel and I was SHOCKED as to the finish and how it took the cloudyness totaly out of the gun, it looks like a new piece of chrome or gun like it came out of the box.

I know I am going to get replies telling me I am messing up the gun and the finish might go bad and rust (I would like to hear comments on this please, and any information on this subject here); however, after a lot of thought, and since this gun is being repaired and restored to honor my brother who died last year if this don't work and there is a problem, or it just dont get the lines around the grips out, I am going to send the gun back to Colt one more time for a re-nickel finish job. I was wondering how many of you out there in Colt land have sent your gun for a re-nickel finish job and what was the quality of the job, and HOW LONG DID IT ACTUALLY TAKE? My Colt left on June 18 and came back on Monday November 18th, to exactly 120 days from leaving my home till comming home. I will post pictures of before and after me and my friend buff, polish the gun today, along with pictures of whe the trigger busted and I took the side plate off and laid out all the parts so maybe some of you out there would recognize what is busted in the gun in the first place. By the way, thanks to all that replied to my post about the "BUSTED BARREL" I put out there on the forum, I actually seen in the barrel what you guys was talking about when I looked down in the barrel or the MISSING rifling lines where it looked like it skipped out cutting the barrel groves lightly. I am going to photo (I have some pretty good camera and cam corder film equipment and I believe I can get some film on the barrel where it was "BUSTED" or as you on the forum say "Bulged" in the barrel.
One more thing, I was really shocked to see that Mr. Brewer or someone there at Colt decided to "GIVE ME" a new set of grips. I had sent the gun in without my "HOUGE" mono grips with the gun, and Colt sent the gun back with the composit Packmyer type grips with the Pony/ logo in silver on my gun. I was so stooked about this, there actuall a better grip than the "HOUGE" grips are, and absorbe more of the recoil, along with being the same type of grip (finger groves) but this actully has the "COLT PONY" logo in SILVER!!! Thanks Colt and Mr. Brewer, you have made me very happy with your service, and finaly about the shooting of the gun.

I took it for a spin after opening up the box, and the "cylinder end shake was UNDER SPEC and tight, along with the trigger pull (it was exactly like I like it at around 5 lbs.) and the action was supurb to say the least. It is the next thing here that really hit home. For years now I believed it was me that was not able to get a "CLOSE GROUP" with the gun. I am sure EVERY ONE ON THIS FORUM is a better shot than me first of all (Glad to get that our of the way) but I can tell you I won several "Match Tournements" in the late 70's and 80's, so that being said I never could get the gun to give a close group more than 1.5 inches even at 20 yards!!! One or two (if not more) would always skid off some. I tried for years to adjust the sights with NO PREVALE here. Using 38 + P ammo, then one cylinder of .357 Federal FMJ ammo, I was able to finaly group all right next to each other (within 1/2 inch or LESS) the shots at more than 35 yards!!! I could not believe this!!! IT WAS THE BULGE IN THE BARREL!! IT had to be because it never done this good before so for all you NA sayers that think a bulged barrel would NOT hurt accuracy your DEAD WRONG, it makes all the differance. THANKS COLT and MR. BREWER for a Fantastic Job....
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Not to be disrespectful, but you know this post is useless without pictures! NS41.
Good for you! I believe the most common cause of a bulged barrel is when one fires a squib load (reload with primer only-no powder) which kindly pushes the bullet into the barrel, then follows it up with a loaded round. This is extremely rare with factory ammo but it can happen also.
Sounds like you got excellent service.

As far as the shooting goes--1/2" at 35 yards with 6 shots -I'd say that is PHENOMENAL! I'm pretty sure no one here including me,could match that accuracy with a Python or any other handgun or the same caliber.
Sounds like Colt's goes above and beyond whenever they are able to. In a sea of bad news, thanks for some good!
I was wondering, you said the gun is to honor your brother. the wear on the gun is that from your brother? if so don't refinish it, leave it to remind you of your brother. just a thought.
I wouldn't let a local bodyshop guy polish anything on a Colt.
That's skilled labor on a gun & you risk a lot in doing so, including ripples & loss of barrel stamping definition.
If you want a better match on the finish, best way to go would be to have the entire gun re-nickeled.

And, now that you know it was a bulged barrel, best to stop calling it a busted barrel altogether when you discuss the situation.
A possibly more common cause of bulged barrels is "shooting the lead out" by firing jacketed ammo after lead bullet to clean the leading out.
People do this for years without trouble, then one time they shoot a few rounds more than usual or the alloy of the bullets changes and the bore leads a little more. Then they're shocked to find a ring or bulge in the bore.

When you fire a jacketed bullet through a leaded barrel, the bullet has to push the lead in front of it like a boat pushes a bow wave.
When there's a little too much lead the bullet can't push the lead fast enough and the barrel gets a ring or bulge blown in it from the over-pressure.

Another problem is that some lead isn't pushed out and the jacketed bullet over-rides it and "irons" the lead onto the bore in a thin plate.
Moisture can infiltrate under the leading and can corrode the barrel. The first sign something is wrong is when a bit of leading flakes off exposing a pit in the steel.
These spots of ironed on leading can be very difficult to see.

As for polishing nickel, I know of no type of polish that isn't abrasive, and I don't know of any way to polish nickel that isn't abrasive.
All polishes remove a thin layer of the plating.
Polish too often or rub a little too hard and you can polish right through the plating.

If you need to refinish a Colt, you should have it done at Colt.
First, Colt only does quality No-BS work and does it to the very highest standards.
Second, a factory refinish lowers value less then a refinish done by someone else.

Last I heard, Colt was no longer doing their own plating and were sending it out. This is due to EPA regulations/harassment, and the cost of operating plating systems.
However, Colt stands responsible for the work whoever does it, demands that Colt standards be maintained, and it still counts as a Colt factory job.
There are plenty of companies around who do gun refinishing in many finishes. The problem is in knowing who's good and who's a gun butcher.
With Colt you have no doubt that they only do top quality work.
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Colt won't do it themselves, but their second-party vendors & services are held to Colt's standards & you'll have that assurance.
I'll repeat- don't let an autobody guy polish anything on your gun.

Kinda like inviting your dog's veterinary doctor to do brain surgery on you.
Some principles are similar, but the skill levels are not.
IT WAS THE BULGE IN THE BARREL!! IT had to be because it never done this good before so for all you NA sayers that think a bulged barrel would NOT hurt accuracy your DEAD WRONG, it makes all the differance.
Come on! "... your DEAD WRONG." Really? (By the way, "your" is the possessive of "you," as in "Is that your bulged barrel?" while "you're" is the contraction of "you are," as in "You're DEAD WRONG.")

I spent a lot of time trying to decipher your often confusing and rambling posts and I only suggested that often (note the qualifier) a bulged barrel does not affect accuracy. "Often" is not "always." Your revolver apparently is one of those rare ones where a bulged barrel did have a negative affect on accuracy. How does the rare exception make me "DEAD WRONG?" I was just trying to help.

In order to be polite, I did not mention the somewhat offensive bold face font you continue to use. Posting online in all upper case is considered impolite, and posting in bold face type is considered by many also to be impolite. Why the need to post in bold type face? It adds nothing.

I suggest you use Flitz and hand-polish the entire gun carefully. Whatever the final result, leave it as it.

I am glad you got your late brother's gun back in usable condition. I would keep it as close to the way your brother left it to you, but it is your gun so you get to decide what you do from here.
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Could never understand the large, bold font either. Harder on the eyes to read and aggravating none-the-less...
Wow, looks like I got an English teacher giving me an "ARS" of a reply in discussion about weapons!!! I should be so lucky. I noticed that in the original post you was, once again and "ARS" trying to get grammatically correct on what terminology SHOULD BE USED, not to mention the mess about "BOLD FACE" having some kind of offensive meaning. GOOD GOD MAN!!! This is a GUN POSTING SERVICE and not an English testing service. I know, along with everyone else here why you posted and done what you done, you just got kicked in the "ARS" on your statement about the bulge in the barrel NOT EFFECTING accuracy, when it SURE DOES and I will tell you (several times in bold caps) YOUR DEAD WRONG, DEAD WRONG, DEAD WRONG!!!
Is that enough for you? It never ceases to amaze me that it does not matter where you go, there is always an "ARS" like you in every crowd, and on every forum. I own a Automotive Cylinder Head company, publish my own website (along with a VERY successful YouTube channel and Blog) and I have a chat room/blog question service and I have over 900 subscribers with over 150,000 views, and there is a guy in there JUST LIKE YOU, that always makes bullshit comments and tries to cause trouble or make someone feel bad, and the thing is it turns out this guy is a joke, has a CRAP car and turns LOW E.T.'s at the track (I am into the NHRA 1/4 Super-Stock and Stock Eliminator stuff) and it just goes to show the guys like you hide behind forums, talk crap they cant back up.
It is nothing but a shame that everyone in this forum is not close enough so we could all meet and go to the shooting range and see how good we all are, because IF we could, I bet you could not hit the tall side of the barn, and I sure as hell would put a $100.00 spot against you without even seeing how good you are in a 35 yard shootout. Guys like you are all talk and no-go, and I would send you out of the range with your tail between your legs Mr. JUDGE COLT, or should I say ENGLIGH JUDGE with A COLT GUN!!!
P.S. I use bold type because of my eyes, I am 3.0 on my reading glasses and it makes it a little easier to read, and if it offends (I am so sick of that sissy bull-crap "OFFENDS" or "makes me uncomfortable" reference) anyone, I am sorry.
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Yak.. Calm down a bit. We all know Judge can be rude.. as he is the only one on this forum who had ever been rude to me, making fun of my spelling and embarrassed me and I was a new member too. But we all know how he is and take his "delivery" with a grain of salt. He is still a very knowledgeable guy about Colts. Best to just ignore posts that bother you.
Sorry forum guys, I am a calm person really, and I cannot believe I let this guy get under my skin, but I guess this is how he gets his laughs. I am so thankful for the people of this forum (especially Dfariswheel) and several others in the beginning of my quest to resolve my Trooper MK V problems, I would not want to offend anyone because of my spelling or BOLD writing Print ( I don't know how to adjust that as far as what he is talking about, is it the size of my fonts?). I have not had a dam minute to photo my Trop, as I am hit with several big order I have to quote and get parts for and schedule before thanksgiving; however, I will get them in the next day or so, and I am trying hard to dig up the photos before I sent it to colt which had it stripped down and possibly showing the culprit on the trigger. I will ignore him, and thanks Skilled......I really want to be a part of this forum, I think I deserve it as I was a COLT only man for over 10 years and all I would buy was COLT from 1973 to 1983....
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