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I have the Case

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About three weeks ago I wrote that I was receiving my Paterson accoutrements from the Paterson Accessories Company in the U.K. and was looking for a case. One of the Forum members provided me with one. Not original 'original', but it is one that was made for the U.S. Historical Society in 1989 for their Texas Paterson revolver. Everything fits perfectly, and for now, I am good-to-go.

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Very nice!

Does anyone here know of a source for the "wire" holders or clips as originally used in the Paterron cases?

Regards, HH
You have to make them, using "Piano" wire, available at any hardware store. It is quite easy. It bends quite easily with a pair of needle nose pliers.
I would make a jug with 2 nails and a small piece of pine board. Using an existing clip as a pattern for the spacing between the nails, all you have to do is bend the wire to shape, using the nails as your starting and finishing point.
When finished, heat the clips in the fire of a gas torch or stove and quench in water. This will give them the necessary stiffness to hold the accoutrements into the case.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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