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that a 3rd Generation (Signature Series) Cap Tin can be had with Colt's signature in gold on it, OR can come without the signature (like the 2nd Generation Cap Tin).

I have an 1860 Army Heirloom and an 1851 Navy 150th Anniversary, both 3rd Generation 'Signature Series' guns. The 1860 Army came uncased, so I cased it and bought the 'Signature Series' accessories (with exception of the Cap Tin - hard to find); Flask, Bullet Mold, and Wrench - these all had Colt's signature on it. George (Steg) generously provided me with the Cap Tin (with signature).

The 1851 Navy came cased with all accessories. The Flask, Bullet Mold, and Wrench were all signed, BUT the Cap Tin was not (and looked like a 2nd Generation Cap Tin). Somewhat upset that a $5000 retail gun didn't have all the correct accessories, I was on the hunt for that 'Signature' Cap Tin. No luck, until Gil (Scorpi0) sent me one. When I received the Cap Tin, it had no signature. I contacted Gil and asked if he had mistakenly sent me a 2nd Generation Tin instead of a 3rd Generation. In discussion, found that (1) the 'Signature' series Cap Tin's can be signed or unsigned, AND (2) are 1/4" shorter than the 2nd Generation Cap Tins. I went back and checked all my cased sets to ensure they all had the right Cap Tin.

I wonder, since the unsigned 'Signature' Cap Tins looks so much like the 2nd Generation Cap Tins, how many 'Signature Series' Cap Tins are in collector's 2nd Generation collections?
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