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new slide says 70 series in small font but it has the 80 series drop safety hole..wth? second problem is that the hole where the firing pin comes out to strike the primer is too small for my new wilson combat 38 super pin. so i took the pin out of my 100% stock colt (1968) 38. super and it fits on my new slide- and the wilson that did not fit on my new slide fits the old 1968 colt... strange, any ideas?

wilson pin does not fit my series 70 slide
wilson firing pin fits my 1968 colt 38 super
colt firing pin from my 1968 38 super fits my new series 70 slide!
so the hole on my series 70 must be a hair too small to accomodate the wilson pin.
the problem is that when i took the new series 70 slide with my old colts firing pin it went full auto for 3 rounds..i quickly took the slide off and apart and took it to my gunsmith. he wont be able to look at it for a month....i am thinking the firing pin got slightly stuck in strike position and never retracted....
the barrel and bushing are colt and the rest of the hardware is wilson...
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