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I want to buy a small loader/backhoe

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More mundane silliness, I'm going to get this board going if it kills me!

I don't suppose any of you, who don't come to this board anyway, would have one for sale cheap?
Wouldn't even have to have a backhoe. Something like a small articulated Waldon or a small skid steer like a Case 1840 or 1845. Bobcat, Gehl, or John Deere? I'd prefer 4wd of course..... I've been searching around and it seems the price is $10,000.00 for a small used loader..... doesn't seem to matter what make or how old, the price always hovers right at 10K. Found an old CAT 980 in very nice condition for $27,000.00. Great price, but a 980 is approximately the size of my house. What I'm looking for would fit nicely in a 980's bucket!
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Actually, what with the fires of last year and all, I've got a bunch of landscaping to do and I thought I'd just buy a small loader, use it this summer and then resell it this fall or next year. But if there's enough demand for work of that kind, I might keep it too and end up with a new career after all!
I just love landscaping,
the smell of ammonium nitrate and diesel,
toxic fumes wafting through the air,

YEP! the locals always know when the green thumb takes control of stephen....
I must get back to the farm for a bit more gardening/environmental vandalism soon...

all times wasted wots not spent shootin'
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