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ID old 1911 hammer?

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This has been in my parts box for 40 plus years. No markings.

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WWII-era M1911A1 hammer - 'probably' Colt.

If I was close to my references - I could tell you the maker - but I'm sure someone else will, and soon.
Well 40 years in a parts box would most likely make it a Colt.
Looks to be Colt Type "E".....
Actually, 40 years in a parts box could make it any of the WWII contracters and a number of aftermarket parts makers, as well.

As the WWII contract stuff ran out - the void was filled by cast parts, in some cases.
Yup - so do a couple of my WWII Colts, and one of my M1911s has the long spur that Cavalry liked, as well.
Profile of hammer shown looks like a Colt. Colt used the wide spur hammer up into 1944 production.

A short spur hammer was used on the Model 1911 until 1914 when it was changed to a longer spur. This presented a problem of the longer spur pinching the skin between the thumb and forefinger. Immediate complaints were received on the problem with the longer hammer, but it was not until 1924 that the spur on the grip safety was lengthened to alleviate the pinching problem.
Looks similar to a Remington Rand, in my opinion.
Remington Rand hammer has more of a hump in checkered area. Top hammer is one shown in forum post, and lower is Remington Rand.

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Good pictures. I see what you mean. That eliminates Remington Rand.
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