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Yes, typical Hardware or Sporting Goods Store generic Holster for the early Colt .22 Automatics, or the High Standard, or the Hartford or the Fiala, all of which were about identical in size and shape and would use the same Holster.

Unless in very good condition, this style of Holster does not tend to change hands for very much.

Deluxe or famous Maker and or Abercrombie and Fitch Holsters for the long Barrel .22 Automatics of the pre-war era, tend to change hands for much more, because they have a lot more style and also the notoriety or Mystique of their name Maker or retailer.

I would incline to regard this as a more or less $10.00 Holster.

Generic pre-war .22 Auto Flap Holsters are frequently on ebay, and so far as I have seen, do not bring much unless in really high condition or close to new condition....where, they will still not bring as much as famous name-maker or famous retailer Holsters of the same pattern or of other pattern.

Belt Loop is likely too frail for any serious Out of Doors carry, or one would fear it is, by general appearances, even if it is not.
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