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I'm Finally Getting My 1st Colt!

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WOO HOO! Boy am I excited! I don't know much about the value of these mid-90's guns but with shipping and transfer I'll own it for $704 and that's a price I can live with :D

Apart from the sights and grips what else is aftermarket? I'm thinking the slide stop and trigger but not sure.

Is there anything in particular I should check for when I pick it up? I have a three day inspection period but have a feeling it will be good to go.

PS, any guess as to why I was the only bidder? I know these guns are very run of the mill but I'm still surprised I got for $649 with no competition :confused:

Colt 1991A1 Commander 45ACP : Semi Auto Pistols at
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I think you did OK. Wilson Combat sights. The trigger, hammer, slide stop, grip safety, and grips have been changed.
Hammer and grip safety too - interesting and good to know. Thank you. As long as it's a shooter I'll be proud to own a used FrankenColt!
Congrats!! Looks nice. I think its a great find.
As I'm reading everything I can find on this gun I've seen that the 1991 is a budget version Series 80. Is that in finish only or internals as well?
When you pick it up do the basic safety function checks. Most on a budget change the rear sight to the Wilson drop in LoProfile since it requires no modification to the dovetail. The slide stop is an extended one and I can't tell if it's avWilson or not. The hammer appears to be changed also. You would have to detail strip to find out what else was. You got it at a very good price. It would make a decent base gun for professional customizing.
I just checked out the listing again and my guess is that the grip safety (which is for a Government Model, not a Commander) and the slide stop are John Masen parts.

FWIW: I had the same model Commander at one time and it was one of the best shooting Colt 1911 type automatics I/ve owned.
Congratulations on your purchase. My first Colt handgun was the full sized M1991A1, purchased in 1991 for $425. It shot very well and looked sinister in the parkerized matte blue finish. I wish I had kept that basic, beautiful shooter.
Thank you, Ken. That's interesting and I sure appreciate your feedback. Are there benefits to a Govt safety or was that likely just a cosmetic preference. I have a lot to learn about the myriad of mods and the why behind them. I swaped the trigger and thumb safety on another 1911 but it was purely for aesthetic reasons.
That type of beavertail grip safety was Colts first offering. The Commander & GM were the same except the Commander has shorter frame tangs so the GS were longer, so with the visual space between the tangs and grip safety I'm guessing that's one for the GM. If the gap doesn't bother you or isn't an issue don't worry about it.
:cool: you did great:cool:
Thanks I think (hope) so! I find it a little odd that I was the only bidder. Hmmm...
Ive bought a few guns where I was the only bidder.A year from now you'll be glad you were.
Ive bought a few guns where I was the only bidder.A year from now you'll be glad you were.
That's what I'm hoping. Maybe after paying too much enough other times, I'm catching a break :)
Thanks I think (hope) so! I find it a little odd that I was the only bidder. Hmmm...
Sometimes that's just the way it goes down.
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