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I'm Going To Finally Letter This .45

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I think "TheColtGuy" here says he letters every Colt. I thought I better start doing that. I've only got a couple old ones to letter. I'm going to start with a more modern gun, though. I've had this 1958 .45 since 1984. It was modified for fast draw with a thinned trigger guard and deepened hammer spur with knurling removed prior to a renickel a long time ago. A previous owner had it in southern Ca. and I've always had a hunch this gun might letter to a recognizable person in early fast draw. I know anyone could have owned this, and my hope that there is an Arvo Ojala, Andy Anderson, Steve McQueen (yeah, right!) or other Hollywood connection is farfetched, but I just have to know. Especially since anyone could have guns shipped to them personally back then. It's a gamble since a gun sent to "The Acme Gun Shop" then renickeled won't mean much. Wish me luck and Ill let you know in a few months if my gamble pays off.

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