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We all like images. We like setting up the shot, taking the image, editing and posting. And of course, everyone enjoys looking at them. So, let's have a friendly contest.

Entries for our contest must be posted here in the Photos Area only. The entries will be accepted and judged from 12:00 noon today, Wednesday 28, 2014 until 12:00 noon Wednesday February 5, 2014. One entry per person please.

The images will be voted on by clicking the "Like" button at the bottom right of each image. The images should be judged on content, creativity, set up and technical skill and must contain Colt products only. The rarity or collectability of the Colt should not be considered when voting. Though entries will close on February 5, voting will remain open until Friday 7, 2014.

After the contest is over we can discuss the individual images.

The image with the most "likes" will win first prize. The prize, shown below, is a new old stock pair of Colt handcuffs from the 1970's complete with the box and papers.

Lastly, there must be at least ten entries for the prize to be awarded.

PS. The 1939 Nickel Detective Special is not included... DUH!:p

1 - 20 of 63 Posts
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