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New York Times...Feburary 1945.

It was announced today that General Dwight Eisenhower was relieved of command and placed under arrest pending a court marshal.

Sources revealed that the General had placed numerous German SS troops in informal prisons WITHOUT advising them of their rights or allowing ACLU attorneys to see their clients.
The ACLU has demanded the prisoners be immediately released, and called for the closing of secret prisons in North Africa, Missouri and Texas.

This follows the outrageous incident in December 1944 at the so-called "Battle of the Bulge" in which German troops dressed in American uniforms were simply taken out and shot out of hand without benefit of due process, or a fair trial.

The Times has learned that there are on-going investigations into the treatment of young German civilians reputed to be members of a Boy Scout-like organization known as "Werewolves".
The military suspect these children of committing acts of sabotage and assassination of American troops, currently invading Germany in FDR's questionable "war" against Germany.

There are reports that American troops have imprisoned and executed without trial German "Werewolf" youths suspected of engaging in protests against the American occupation of their country.

Critics of the current Administration continue to question the circumstances that led us into this war.
Questions go unanswered as to how the US wound up in a war against Germany when it was Japan who lashed out at America because of our embargo against the Japanese people.
The administration continues to refer to the 12-7 incident as a "Dastardly attack".

In related news, the Times has learned from a whistle-blower that the US military has been engaged in a secret program known as "The Manhattan Project".
Apparently the military has spent billions of Dollars in unaccountable funds developing a terror weapon which they intend to use on the civilian population of Japan.

Sources say that racist feeling among top military officers is driving the project to punish the Japanese people for the reputed incident known as the "Bataan Dead March" in which a tiny handful of Japanese troops failed to adequately protect captured Americans from the anger of the Philippine people.
The violence was apparently over the abusive colonial system put in place after America illegally seized the Philippines after our brutal and unprovoked war against Spain.
The Times publisher responded to administration charges that revealing the top secret program has put America and American troops in serious danger, by saying "The people have a Right to Know".

Senate Democrats demanded that the administration turn over all records about president Roosevelt's rush to war, and the faulty intelligence that was responsible.
Senator Blumpf demanded to know "What the president knew, and when did he know it".

Senator Blumpf is also demanding an investigation into incidents of American troops killing German civilians during the current operations.
The Senator stated that while he was interested in vague reports of mass graves in Germany and Poland, the important thing is to insure that American troops who kill civilians be immediately brought to justice, even if that adversely affects morale.
Senator Blumpf again stated that "We of course support the troops, but we need to bring them home NOW".

The Times continues to investigate the secret and illegal collection of telephone numbers that are making and receiving calls between telephones here in America and phones in Germany, Italy, and Japan.

Sources say that the death this week of Nazi Freedom fighter Heinrich Himmler will have no effect on the "war", and that Himmler was really just a figurehead.
There are questions about whether Himmler was abused by American troops before dying of injuries sustained in an attack by an American P-51 aircraft.
There are reports that innocent women may have been killed in the air strike, and critics of the "war" effort are calling for investigations.

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Excellent,dfaris!! And NOT that farfetched IF the Liberal Media and college professors,had been "allowed" to wreak their anti American havoc on our weakly educated public school products,who were first exposed to this in grade/high school-but boy they sure have "self esteem"!

The press has been allowed TOO MUCH access to recent wars,starting with Vietnam!! Saw their spinning over there,asking poorly educated,but patriotic 17-18 year old "loaded questions" over there 40 years ago.

Can you imagine the furor today if the "Hitler Youth",who would fire a panzerfaust at a tank,point blank,blowing it up,incinerating the crew,then throwing the useless,spent weapon down,and throwing their hands up to surrender,with a big grin. Orders went down,for the next tank to use the turret top ring .50 cal on them! Saw some young "Charlies" in 'Nam you were caught,even highly suspected,of grenade tossing/sniper attacks get quickly executed(unless the C.O. wanted a couple of POWs for intelligence).

What we are seeing in Iraq,is what COULD have happened in Japan,if we had to invade/occupy that place in 1945-47 WITHOUT the Emperor telling them to surrender-and certainly without the A-Bomb-well actually TWO bombs-as they didn't get "the message"with just Hiromisha!


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Absolutely Outstanding post dfaris!!
If you'd agree, I'd like to copy and email to some friends -- with appropriate credit , of course.
Thank you.


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Right on! Why is it so easy to see the truth, yet this country seems to be in love with the lowest common denominator!
People believe whatever some 26-year-old journalism majopr out of Kent State writes, and the 'editor' asks for MORE of this crap!?
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