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In search of some helpful 1903 information

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I've reached that point in my search for 1903 .32s where I'm down to acquiring a single, double and triple serial numbered gun. NIB is preferred, but anything close will work. My location ties my hands a bit (100 miles from nowhere, 110 from nowhere else). I watch all the sights, have all my contacts keeping an eye out and search everywhere. Is there someplace I'm missing? Someone I'm missing? Thanks for the help.
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All I can say is you can't find one if you're not looking. Keep looking!
I've seen both double and triple S/N marked Hammerless on Gun Broker
in the last two years.

Check out Randy Jones's:

American Arms & Antiques : guns collectibles Winchesters Colts Civil War Cowboy Era

He he often has some of the more rare Colt Hammerless for sale.
About a month ago he sold a two digit and 2 three digit S/N Colt Hammerless.
Good Hunting.
Guy on another thread just purchased an unfired 1903. Don't give up, but NIB is gonna be rare I believe. MHO is purchase a firearm in good shooting condition with decent looks and shoot it a lot. It does perform nicely and carries comfortably. Mine is 92 years from date of birth now.


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The M1903 .32 and M1908 .380 were, as you know, extremely popular for pocket carry. This popularity led to less than ideal conditions concerning preserving finish. While fine condition specimens are out there they're commanding much higher pricing than 6 months ago. Folks are catching on and when fine conditioned are offered up they don't last long unless obscenely priced. The M1903 are still lagging behind the M1980 but catching up. Keep a keen eye on auction sites and best of luck.
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