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Indian company makes first gun marketed to protect women against rape & assault

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I am behind the sentiments/intentions of this gun.
However, I wonder how many Indian women can afford a gun that costs the equivalent of $2000 US?
Seems to me that very few Indian women will be able to afford such a gun. Rape is supposedly a huge problem in the country.

Although simple and robust enough in this smallish package for cartridges in the 22lr, 32 and 38 S&W range, the top break design is not what I would have picked for them. A revolver, yes, a Webley, not really. Note the cartridge probably does not generate enough pressure to warrant a solid frame, in it's defense.
I think a solid frame swing out cylinder 38 Special design would be more effective, and would have been less bulky, since purse carry was mentioned in the article.

Nirbheek, India's first gun for women - Times Of India
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Heck any gun is better than none. Since it's India, a Webley type is fine. How do you get the price of $2000. All I see is a rupee price.
1,22,360Rs= 1976.60 US.
The price makes no sense at all...

Not being a 'Bobbed' Hammer, also makes poor to no sense in this context.

I wonder what an ex WWII Webley or Enfield Break Top sells for in India? ( Besides, not much?? )
I looked this up once when I had an Indian copy of an Inglis Hi Power. From what I understand, the only firearms allowed for ownership, outside of possible collecting, are those made by the Indian Ordnance Factory. There are about 6-8 firearms available and they basically have a monopoly on sales.
I lived in India (New Delhi) for over a year and personally, I would not buy one! I know how their production facilites are for products produced for "in country" consumption......not very good! Export items are reasonably manufactured due to the specifications from US companies, so until it can/could be sold in the US, I would not trust it. I do not trust their metallurgy and heat treatment of the steel.
I believe annual income hovers around $1,500 (gross) in India where firearms don't seem to be as prevalent as let's say, Afghanistan, who's annual income hovers around $700 (gross) yet they seem to have plenty of firearms, though not built in country. So for about 1 1/4 years worth of wages one can buy an inferior handgun to protect themselves against violent crime, but obviously there is no threat against the government with these types of weapons. That begs the question: Inferior product by design or necessity? My twisted logic is that I tend to think about the "ultimate purpose" of introduction of firearms into a population that isn't known for their freedom to bear arms. Maybe I need another few cups of coffee before tackling anything obtuse, obscure or anything resembling rational thought ;)
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A 32 revolver is for when you want to shoot someone but not hurt them. Unless the shot is to the head, the attacker will continue and use the gun on the defender. Hopefully the gun can be redesigned for either 38 S&W(should be common over there) or 38 special.
I'd far rather have a 'Chicago Palm Pistol' for close quarters Self Defense, for that matter...than a .32 Break Top with a snags guaranteed Spur Hammer in .32 Short.

Surely there are plenty of decent older used Guns in India??? No??? Or..?
Surely there are plenty of decent older used Guns in India??? No??? Or..?
Since they were under the British I would say compare their rights with someone from England before you guess they have plenty of guns available.
The "velvet lined box" is a nice touch suppose they'll be counterfeited ?
Since they were under the British I would say compare their rights with someone from England before you guess they have plenty of guns available.

Granted I have been busy with my own Life and not following the dramas of poor old India very much...but, I thought Mr. Ghandi's protracted exertions had prevailed back in '48 or something, ( well, till shot in the chest a few times with a Beretta m1934 .380 anyway unless I am remembering wrong, ) and, got India their 'independence' from none-too-cheery old England?

Meaning ( to some naïve Pilgrims anyway ) that India then, was free to run things as they saw fit on their own Lights..?
Don't ever think the Indians are a "Meek & Mild" community! Although the place is very crowded, if an accident happens in a car and someone is hurt, the crown will gather quickly and beat the heck out of the person at fault. A good example that I saw was a guy on a tractor was at the railroad station. Something happened and he lost control and hit several bystanders. The crown immediatly pulled the guy from the tractor andf beat him to death! Then they burnde the tractor. As soon as the Police arrived the scattered like cockroaches and no one was ever brought to trial.

The first thing my driver told me when i get there was that if there was an accident in the car was to get out and RUN as fast and far as possibe away from the scene. Then get a cab and get back to my house ASAP! By the way, at my house I had 2 armed guards (shotguns) at the gate at all times!
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Wow... Rough crowd over there in India. With that mentality, that may explain why the anti-rape gun is calibered in .32
As to not invoke a death sentence but to administer Immediate punishment of wounding the offending part!
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