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Interesting Police Positive Special

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Interesting in that it has many features of guns much older than it's production date would indicate.

Dates to 1974 but has an unshrouded barrel and the service stocks are numbered to the gun.

Anyone else seen anything like this before?

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Beautiful gun, The CONN. on the barrel is also very interesting. The shrouded ejector rod was in 1976. Have you tried to letter it?
I had not considered lettering it as I didn't think it was anything special until I got it home and started taking pictures of it.

What does the CONN mean? Is that an earlier barrel marking?

Could this be a parts clean up gun?
I am sure others will know for sure, but I think the CONN. ended after WWII and changed to CT. IMO
I have a NOS Police Positive barrel that is nickel plated with the CONN address. I will be interested to know the answer, also.
I just found several examples from the 60's and 70's with the same barrel markings.

What I found really interesting was the numbered stocks.

I thought Colt quit doing that a LONG time ago.
Bigr...I have seen the numbering a lot ..but only on these D frame round butt stocks... I have no idea why only that one.
You have a standard police positive special prior to 1977, after which it got the heavier barrel and longer versions of the wrap around stocks as used on the detective special and cobra. I don't believe it justifies a $75 letter and 3 month wait but its your money. 30 years ago I paid a $100 for a gun like yours with more wear and 20 years ago I paid $225 for your exact same gun. While the police positive dropped from the catalogs about 1973, it appeared that they continued to trickle out of the factory. They of course were again cataloged with the newer configuration in the 1977-78 catalogs and also only in the 1979 price list.
bigrix, I had one like yours made in 1977.i think that was the last year for that model. in 1977 colt brought out the one with the heavy barrel and ejector rod shroud. my heavy barrel one has CONN for Connecticut on the barrel address. nice guns.
I am sure others will know for sure, but I think the CONN. ended after WWII and changed to CT. IMO
The two letter state abbreviations weren't approved for use by the Govt until 1987 according to Wikipedia.

My COLT LWT XSE GM which is only about two years old has CONN. in the Colt frame/barrel address.
BigRix, this one was acquired new-in-box and has a mfg. date of 1977 (SN: 47XXXM). The barrel roll mark includes "Conn." like your; never noticed until I saw your thread. It was shipped with these short profile "Detective Special" stocks but I like yours with the medallion better. The PPS was still covered with dried oil when I took these photos. I like the next generation PPs too, with the shrouded ejector rod and longer profile stocks.

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