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Is this 2" post war OP legit?

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What bothers me is the CT. vs Conn. on the right side of the barrel. Below is a picture of a lettered 1957 2" OP barrel marking. Is the GB listing legit?


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I think it is ligit. The Marshal production ended in 1956 in the 845,000 serial number range. This guns serial number dates it to 1956 as well. I believe that this is just another example of using up parts on hand and wasting nothing. Everything else about the gun looks correct. Unfortunately, only a Colt letter will tell for certain. The seller is a well known dealer in collector grade S&W firearms and has a excellent reputation.
Nope, I had somewhere to go last night and got out bid. :-(
:bang_wall:I would be the new owner , had i not been in a meeting last night when my phone went dead, really wish i would have bid higher to start with :bang_wall:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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