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Is This a Correct Python Box Label????

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This is from a Custom Shop tuned Python(allegedly). Does it look legit to you experts? I thought they were typed and not hand written...
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Does look like a regular label is underneath though.

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IMO someone got a little tricky on this one and put one of these Fake trashy labels (sorry to be so "blunt", but I cant stand all his fake stuff),
Colt Custom Shop Label Python Diamondback & All : Revolvers at, on top of an original Colt Python box, most likely not original to that Python, to duplicate the double label guns. They even peeled the parts down so the potential buyer would make sure to see this lol. They roughed/dirtied it up which is common on these fake labels. This is a fake. jmho.
Here is a picture of one for my 1977 that I believe to be real.


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Hmmmm. Different color though. I wonder.
Would a Python in 8" blue be worth in neighborhood of 3K? Gun ia as new with No issue.
Hmmmm. Different color though. I wonder.
The type of lighting will cause a variation in the color appearance in a photograph.
Would a Python in 8" blue be worth in neighborhood of 3K? Gun ia as new with No issue.
Is the first picture intended to be the box for the Python 8-inch about which you inquire? If so, apparently it is factory-tuned. That should make it worth more than a "regular" boxed 8-inch Python. I do not know how many "tuned" Pythons there were in those days, but they certainly are not common. I would say they are "scarce," maybe even "rare." How much the factory-tune adds to the market value is speculation. Whether the factory-tune feature is enough to get the gun into the $3,000 category is more speculation.
The early (actually most I've seen and all I've had) Custom shop labels were Black. They did make some later in brown, HOWEVER that one pictured is a FAKE without a doubt from Vikrant. I just compared it to a known original and it is without a doubt one of his fake labels. It is obvious.
My personal opinion is that gun is NOT a 3k gun because the box is not original to the gun. I would even question the factory tuned, because when someone starts faking something, its puts EVERYTHING IN QUESTION. If its factory tuned, you will know, it is the lightest smoothest action you have ever cocked. I have one hand tuned action from the master himself, Don Tedford (letter verifies it). I have cocked "regular" Custom Shop tuned actions and they are so smooth, it really surprises you the first time you handle one. They are crazy smooth/light. If that gun were NIB or even LNIB (99%/+ with THE original box) it would be a 3k gun for sure. JMHO.
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Thanks big_gus. I was afraid of all thay you mentioned. Just a factory python has such a nice trigger and action it's hard to imagine something better. Man. Wish I had the opportunity to handle one.
While the label may be a fake, it is, without a doubt, NOT the color that makes it a fake. I have an 8-inch nickel Python with factory tune and Elliason sights (Model I3681H) that I bought new in 1981 and it has a label that is chartreuse just like the pictured label. However, the information on my label is typed, except for the serial number, which is handwritten. (I theorize that the label was typed up in advance with the information from the factory special order, and it was unknown at that time what particular Python already built that would be grabbed out of the stockroom by the Custom Shop to finally receive the custom-ordered features.)

The Custom Shop label is applied over the original end label, and in the case of mine, the model number and serial number of the original under label can just be seen at the bottom edge of the Custom Shop label, which is not quite as tall as the original label. I believe it is important that my label also contains, on the first line, a typed-in factory order number. I assume, without knowing for sure, that every Custom Shop gun was probably a special factory order, hence every Custom Shop end label probably should have the factory order number typed on it.

All of that said, we know that Colt occasionally handwrote end labels, even during the bar code era, so it is not impossible that some Custom Shop labels were handwritten part of the time.

If this gun has the feel of a factory tune, being a "special order" gun, it is more likely that the original box would have been kept with it since new. The majority of the value is with the gun, but an original box would add a few hundred in value to the package. With the question about the box, discount the value of an original box if buying.
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This one is as real as they get. 1978 vintage. Original owner had it for 25 years and I have had it for 10. Chain of custody has been pretty tight so I would safely say that its good.

Text Label
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With that evidence, I am now inclined to say the subject box label is original. It is the right color and the handwritten format is the same as the 1978 vintage box immediately above. Apparently, the typed labels came later than 1978. Since the 8-inch Python was introduced in 1980, and my typed Custom Shop label is from 1981, that leaves a one-year window for the subject gun to have the handwritten label. Certainly possible.
I wouldn't post something I didn't think was true, and I was almost certain of (my first post). My second post I was 100% sure of it. Hand written has nothing to do with it, the label the OP posted is a Vikrant label without a doubt to me, just compare them. Just trying to help the OP out from not getting burned. JMHO.

Edit: Compare the link in my 1st post of Vikrant's to the label posted by the OP, they are identical. I just done a quick search and here is one to compare it to. Pay no attention to the handwriting or typing, I'm speaking the label itself as if it were blank. I liked this one because he specifically speaks about the fakes from TN:

Presumably, no one posts anything believed to be untrue. That does not mean that everything one posts is always true. I have been mistaken many a time. (Just ask my wife!)

The label on my Python Custom Shop box, which I know is original, appears identical to the label pictured in the first post above. Just the writing is different. The label posted by thewis828 above also appears identical, and the style of writing is the same. I do not see anything to lead me to believe the label in the first post is fake, once the style of marking has been confirmed to have been used instead of typing as found on later labels. Just because Vikrant sells fake labels does not mean that every Custom Shop label is fake.
I am not the most educated member about Colt boxes but I will add my vote...I lean towards the "real" side. One detail I see that Vicrant's labels do not have is the lance in the horses mouth.
Here's Why I Think Its A Fakearooney!

The subject label, in photo # 2, is one that I would conclude is fake if I were looking at this Python to purchase. The Custom Shop labels from this time frame (1981) that I own or have photos of, are structured differently, with specific data, such as Factory Order Number and other codes, and some information typed. These known originals are shown in Photos 1, 3 and 4. Notice the similarities of the known originals, and how each differs from the subject.

Now going a step further, I compared the Coat of Arms in the subject label with my known originals and there seems to be some very distinct differences; enough of a difference that I would be highly suspicious of the subject label. Photo # 4 is a blow-up of a known original. Examine and compare the "shading" dots and the lower banner, as these are quite different and can't be a result of printer definition or copy clarity. Take a close look and tell us if you agree.

So the question was asked: is this a "correct Python box label?". It is sometimes impossible to know with 100% certainty when judging fake versus original Python labels and this one is such a case. Judging the label would have been easier if we could also examine the box and it contents for authenticity. Of course a fake box would also lead us to a near 100% fake label. With only the label, and its comparison to known originals, I found enough differences to guess the label is a reproduction. I certainly would not pay a "Custom Shop" premium for the Python.

PHOTO # 1: (Known Original From 1981)

PHOTO # 2: (Subject Label - Me Thinks It Stinks)

PHOTO # 3: (Known Original From 1982)

PHOTO # 4: (Close Up Of Coat of Arms From 1982 Known Original)

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Sent a python to Colt in 1990 for a custom tune, Elliason rear and Patrich front sight. It was sent in its original box which was immediately returned. When finished, the revolver was returned in a new unmarked box. Fortunately I filed the invoice away which in my opinion is absolute proof the work was not only performed, but done by the Custom Shop. Labels are just to easy to fabricate.Bob A.
Kanatak is the expert on fake labels imo and really helped me in the past--As it took awhile to sink in, the proof is in "the details". I find this one obvious. The color/shade of the yellow is different from any Custom shop label that I have seen (Black or Brown EXCEPT for Vikrant's fakes) and the color of the "brown" is different from the brown of other known original labels, again except for Vikrant's fakes. There is one other little thing too on these CS labels I've found, but I am not going to "put it out there" because Vikrant is known to watch this place like a hawk. I have studied these closely, probably more closely than any other by myself because of the EN CS DB's. Anyway I would not post such a strong opinion if I wasn't certain. I am no expert as I've said many times and even the "experts" make mistakes too, everybody does. I will be the first to say JudgeColt knows more about Colts overall than me for sure. I can only hope to obtain a fraction of his knowledge one day, especially the pre-war stuff. I just give my honest opinion and try to help and I will leave this thread at that.
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