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Is this a good price for a Colt Frontier Duotone?

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Anyone have an opinion on this situation? My friend has a beautiful Colt Duotone Frontier (model that was mix of the blue and an alloy frame), I would easily rate it 9/10 from a conservative view. It is a real duotone, I have checked on the serial number and it has the correct suffix. It is a 4 3/4" barrel and original black grips. He wants to sell it and is asking $500 for it. Is that a reasonable price or is this top dollar?

He is also interested in selling it as a combo with a Colt Colteer 4-22 (semi tube fed), that also has what appears to be a duotone finish as well? The receiver has the same alloy finish on the receiver and barrel bands as the frontier with blued barrel/magazine tube. This one has been a little harder to find information on. I have seen pics of plenty of the colteers but I have never seen one that looks like this. As a combo, he wants $800.

What are your thoughts?? I coming to the best Colt minds for some feedback. Does anyone know if the colteer has a legitimate finish or has this thing been bubba'd? Would you buy both or just one, if so which?

Thanks for any information or opinions!!
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Ohh and the finish/condition on the colteer is also a 9/10. I'm really tempted because the two look like they were made as a set for each other. They are like a perfect match in terms of their appears and style.
If condition is as stated, that isn't too bad a price on the Colt Scout. The Colteer was made with a black anodized alloy receiver so the finish has probably been removed. I am not aware of a variation of the Colteer that has an unfinished alloy receiver.
I assumed that was the case regarding the colteer but this thing does not look like it has been modified at all. It truly looks factory but I just can't seem to find any information that supports the finish combination on it. Thanks for your reply!
I have never seen a bare alloy Colteer but I am far from an expert on the model. Compared to what some of the "premier" Colt dealers are asking for their listings these days $500 is an absolute steal. But normally $500 without box is top dollar and boarding on over priced.

Colt Single Action Frontier Scout, 2-Tone, 22LR : Revolvers at

At $500 he ain't cutting you any smoking deal on it IMHO
Without box and paperwork $500 isn't a deal, IMHO. Since no pictures are provided, evaluation on cosmetic condition can't be made. One person will say 90% another 80%. I'll have to agree with Mr. gunbroke in his assessment.
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Here are the pics of the colteer. With the unusual finish.
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This is the frontier duotone. These are pics of the actual firearms not random stock photos or anything.
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To me the Scout is a $350- $400 (and that's if I HAD to have it) max revolver with wear on the cylinder and barrel. Admittedly the picture lighting isn't the greatest but when I enhance the size I noticed those issues. The frame looks good with no major blemishing but does exhibit handling wear (small swirls and scratches). All in all a decent shooter. As an aside it appears the .22 cartridges should have been removed from the belt a long time ago ;) Leather and brass=green tarnish. Hey, we've all learned by example and I know you didn't ask about the belt or include it in the original post, just an observation on my part.

I have absolutely no expertise on the rifle whatsoever so defer to others to give advice/opinion.
here's my opinion, for what it's worth. The asking prices are at the top (at least for the revolver) I'm not sure about the rifle. I would go for the package, but just as shooters. But I would try and get him down some. At least a hundred. But start by offering $600.00 cash in hand. I bet they will be a lot of fun to shoot!!!
I agree with everyone's analysis on the deal. I appreciate all the comments and information. I think I'm going to pass on the deal. Apparently he has an offer on the revolver which is the main piece I was interested in. I'm really craving a .22 revolver and would prefer a colt to be added to my collection. So I guess I'll keep looking! Thanks again. If anyone does come along and has information on the colteer feel free to leave it!
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