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DO you know if the rubber grips were standard on the ss or the current wood that is on it. The wood looks like it is in much rougher shape than the rest of the revolver
During the mid-1990's the 6" and 8" Pythons shipped with the large rubber Pachmayr "Presentation" type grips with Gold medallions, so those are correct.

As above, the cardboard outer box is not original and may well be one of the counterfeit Colt boxes being sold. If it was a factory box, the end label would have been filled out.

Whether the porting is factory original or not is something that only a Colt archive letter will tell >IF< it was done when the gun was originally produced. If it was send back to Colt for the work after purchase, the Archive letter will not have this info, and it may not be possible to determine if it's a factory job.
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