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Is this country collapsing?

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With interest rates going down, the stock market crashing daily, and industrial plants closing right and left all over the country, I think we're headed for a Great Depression at least as bad as '29 sometime in the next 18 months.
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Our country has lost its moral compass!

We call what's immoral, moral, and what's moral, intolerant.

Our elected officials ignore the Constitution while "We, the people" (aka, the "sheeple") ingnore the politicians transgression.

We have "citizens" who can recite the most useless trivia about their favorite sport, but can't tell you who their Senators or congressman are/is.

We live in a country where it's a felony to kick a police dog, but perfectly "legal" to take a three-quarters born child and stick a pair of scissors into his/her skull and kill him/her.

There are guns that are so evil that no human being should be allowed to possess them unless said human being is a member of some "superior human" police department or government agency.

We are forced to contribute involuntarily to Social Security by a Congress that doesn't contribute to Social Security.

(I'd better stop before blood starts spitting out of my eyes and ears)



"We need you more then ever, Henry Bowman."
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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