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Ivory Stocks for Python

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I perused the NC Ordnance website and found several pairs of elephant ivory stocks for the Python. The target style stock made of ivory was listed at $1495. The stocks look pretty good, but I would like an opinion from more experienced Colt collectors. Thanks.

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Personally, I'd go with a company that specializes in Ivory grips. The prices may be better and the workmanship likely will be too.
In all cases, you'll do best if you actually talk to them. Most offer Target type grips but don't list them.
It never hurts to ask.

Boone Trading Company - Pistol Grips

Custom Pistol Grips and Kits - CollinsCraftGrips

Elen Hunting & Importing Inc.: Stag Grips - Ivory Grips - Pearl Grips

Nutmeg Sports, LLC
Nutmeg has made some beautiful ivory grips over the years. They are/have been a supplier to Colt.
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Bear in mind, things may change all the time, but I was interested in some ivory stocks a couple of months ago and contacted some folks. Nutmeg said that they did not do the "target style" stocks. Mr. Collins said that he was not doing ANY until Spring 2014 and wasn't sure if he would then. He said that he is in his eighties and would wait to see how he felt.:(
I have worked with Nutmeg Sports off and on for the last ten years and am very happy with their work. I looked at their website yesterday and did not see any target style stocks for a Python and assumed they did not make them.

Boone Trading Co lists them on their website. I have dealt with them in the past and been very happy with their service.
I've dealt with Nutmeg for ivory panels for semi auto pistols and highly recommend them; I don't believe they are currently producing a target style ivory stock for the Python but it can't hurt to ask. I've seen and held a few Pythons that had Boone ivory stocks and was impressed with the fit and quality. Ivory will continue to climb in price and the artisans capable of "gifted" work aren't getting any younger. One of a kind quality pieces aren't going to be cheap but you'll never lose money on them in the event you had to sell.
My understanding about Nutmeg is they have the capability to make just about any type of Ivory grips you might want. The issue will always be price.
Those large Target Stocks take a lot of ivory for producing.
I just went to NUTMEG sight. They have the service grip forPython at $549 plus $11 for shipping and target style at $1900. Look where it states grips that wrap at the top and bottom. in the python case it is in the bottom and inside the grip. I am more than sure for that kind of cash he will do it for you.
Colt medallions extra charge.
Just for the record I have purchased SAA grips from him 7 total and they were all fit perfect and great workmanship. I didn't expect anything less from a previous Colt Custom Shop employee. Kudos Jim.
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probably should add some info, this gun was custom ordered for my 27th birthday present to myself. had real ivory grips, my initials in gold inlay, elliason sight pkg. and custom tuned action by mr. tedford. 2.5 lb. single action and 7.5 lb. dbl action. took almost one year to get.
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mr perrazi i am green with envy!
that is really beautiful.
congrats from au
Very sweet python love the gold initials and the ivory is beautiful and nice grain of color as well. I have several ivory grips myself. Mostly on SAA guns and I have 4 sets for my pythons. The pythons I purchased from owners but don't know the source. All my SAA ivory came from Jim, I even had 2 sets with a slight palm swell to fit my hand better and Jim came through again. Great quality workmanship.
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