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Updating the inventory sheet. And I wanted to see exactly what I had for blue and case Colts.
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Top left, 1st Gen FSS pair with old ivory.

Top right pair? Refinished 1st Gens

2nd down top left? 2nd Gens with Roy Fishpaw, Bighorn, grips

3rd down left? BP pair of 3rd Gens, Persinger's one piece ivory with medallions

Bottom left? One piece mammoth ivory on a 125th Anniv. gun. Turnbull did the work on that very limited run of 125 guns, for Colt.

One piece walnut grips on the right? 4", 3rd Gen, with a long flute 44 Special cylinder.

Bottom right? 1st Gen pair with pearl, in 38-40.

Seems if you put them in a cool, dark, dry, place and leave them undisturbed long enough, they will magically multiply. If I had only known that years ago 馃ぃ

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My wife and I are active SASS cowboy action shooters and we have several pairs of Colt SAAs.

These are 2nd gen consecutive numbered. They were 125th commemoratives all blue with gold plated parts, refinished by Turnbull with Nutmeg ivories.
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The next are 3rd gen, the top one from the custom shop with factory stags.
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These are early 3rd gens ('79 & '81) with grips by Joe Perkins in Tucson.
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My wifes pair are 3rd gen with Nutmeg ivories.
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All of them are used regularly and earn their keep...

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Well, my "pair" isn't matched at all, but my two Colt SAA's, 3rd gen. Little one (4" barrel) is a Storekeeper's model, origin of bird's head grip unknown, but I suspect Uberti parts were added. This one came from an inherited collection that was sold here on the forum (The Magnificent Seven?) about 7 years ago. The other was new production about 2014, bought on Gunbroker.
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