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I hope this isn’t too off topic but thought I’d share. I had the day off of work and got to spend it with my 3 1/2 year old son.

I recently bought my 1st SAA-a nickel 4 3/4 45 and an old Heiser holster. Last week we were out of town and stopped in a Sportsman’s Warehouse where I found a cap pistol that looked like my Colt. Of course it came home with us. I’ve had it in the back of my mind to make him a holster to replace the cheap Chinese vinyl kit that came with it. Anyway I decided that we would be our “project” for today. After getting a donut we stopped by a Tandy Leather shop and I bought some supplies. We returned home and spent some time together making up a paper template and cutting and riveting and making a mess of the dining table.

Here’s the result. I have some more work to do and may make a couple more for my friends’ kids but my son is over the moon and we agreed it was a fun day!

As an aside I did find this website offering made in the USA cap guns. I have no interest other than to pass along the link. I found this last night and have ordered a cap gun. I obviously don’t have it yet to report on but I try to buy American made items when I can and am especially happy to find these are still being made here. It’s honestly hard to find toy soldiers and guns these days.


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