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Just occurred to me............

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I was reading the posts under the Percussion Forum concerning who made parts for Colt's modern black powder revovlers and this incident came from the dark corners of my memory.

About eight or ten years ago, one of the range officers at the county range showed me a bag of parts for black powder revovlers, about Pocket Model size. There were enough parts to complete three revovlers, as I recall, and maybe six or eight more frames and barrels. All parts were in the white, and some appeared to be engraved. Some trigger guards were brass, and brass backstraps were border engraved. There were some grips of white material, and one piece. Also some unfinished walnut (?) grips.

The story he told me was that these were given to him by a friend who worked for the government and had gotten these parts in Germany while on some government business. He was travelling on government transportation so was able to bring these back without any problems.

This is even further back than I thought as it was some time prior to 9/11.

I have seen this man several times recently, but always forget about this bag of parts.

While this man now resides in Memphis, he was raised in Southport, Ct. and knew Bill Ruger's son.

Bob Wright
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