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Just sharing these

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A old model ruger super black, colt diamondback, Smith M&P 38 pre model 10. And a marlin 336cs roughly 1984


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Nice! What's the other single action? I like that long barreled S&W
An uberti gambler just got it yesterday actually in 45 lc. And I'm a colt guy first, but that Smith has the fish tail hammer. And the long action it's an entirely different feel than the colt diamondback is.

I'm hard pressed to figure out which one I perfer honestly, it's really hard. But I really like that Smith.
Good looking Diamondback. 38 Special?
Yes it's a 38 special, it's just a bit well worn
Some nice examples represented in your pics...Congrats !!

My Ruger New Model Super .44 Remington Magnum

Nice super blackhawk I like the old model better. I just really perfer the half cock loading position. Have to have it on my single actions It just feels wrong personally without one.
How long is the barrel on the pre-10? Looks longer than 6 inches…?
it's right at 6 inches or a smidgen longer. the uberti is a 5.5 inch. I'll double check when i get home.
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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