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King Cobra Enhanced box type?

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I have an enhanced King Cobra 6", serial # ECXXXX. It did not come with a box or papers. What type of box and manuel would this gun had come with? Thanks
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It could've left the factory in two different type boxes. The Earlier guns had a blue molded case that slid into a Cardboard outer sleeve known as the "Picture Box". Most of the Enhanced guns left the factory in the later "Clamshell" box which is just the blue case with the foam interior with the end label on the outside. The date which Colt transitioned from the Picture Box to the Clamshell box is pretty vague so I'm not sure there is a concrete answer to your question. If it were me I would buy a clamshell case and call it a day if you are looking to bring it back to as close to original as possible.
So did the "picture box" not have an end label? Or was that on the cardboard sleeve?

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this is the blue box Keystone was talking about

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