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King Gun Sight Co Range Box

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I'll apologize now if this is in the wrong forum but I recently bought a hard case marked King Gun Sight Co. I assume it is a range box but I've never seen another. I only have one of the King catalogs and didn't see it listed. It has a removable top tray and it looks like a divider was removed from the lower area.

Is this a range box? ... salesman's sample box? Any thoughts and opinions are appreciated.



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The insert (for lack of a more technical term) is likely missing, but it would/should have held four weapons vertically, and was padded, with a tightening device to hold them securely - just like the various 'Pachmayr' cases - while the tray would hold the various things a competitive pistol shooter might need - carbide lamp, pencil, scorebook, screwdrivers, magazines, cleaning tools, et al.

If the last owner wasn't a shooter, then removing the insert would give a nice storage box.
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