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King Gun Sight Co Range Box

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I'll apologize now if this is in the wrong forum but I recently bought a hard case marked King Gun Sight Co. I assume it is a range box but I've never seen another. I only have one of the King catalogs and didn't see it listed. It has a removable top tray and it looks like a divider was removed from the lower area.

Is this a range box? ... salesman's sample box? Any thoughts and opinions are appreciated.



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It's one of their range boxes. Very nice find.

One of my catalogs listed them:

(I've scanned in all my catalogs by the way, I've tossed them up over at the S&W forum if anyone wants to peruse them, I could probably put them up over here on the Colt forum if anyone would like.

Yours is the second box I have seen, I found one some time back but it is in significantly rougher shape. I need someone to restore it at some point:

Also, that's a dang fine KST you have there!

Where are the rest of you King guns? Any excuse to post Kings should be taken!

I only have a few Colt King modified guns at this point. I just love them to death though:

(my favorite, which doesn't technically belong here, but the design started with a revolver frame)

A fun little new service:

A more fun new service:

My only woodsman, still, I feel like such a failure for not being able to buy any more:

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