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Latest Acquisition - Colt Government Model with ? Stocks

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I picked up this NIB Colt Government Model .45 ACP yesterday, Matching box, 3 mags, two sets of stocks and all paperwork. At first I thought the stocks were Sambar stag, but after looking more closely I'm not sure. Could they be Giraffe bone? I'd appreciate your expert opinions.

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There uglier then sin, send them to me so I can get rid of them for ya.
That is one nice looking gun. Congrats.
Nice looking XSE. Great looking grips whatever they are.
they look like stag to me.
I'm pretty sure that's antler. The spongy, bony core ring on the bottom is a dead giveaway.

Beautiful pistol!
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I don't think I've ever seen any with the Colt medallion on them.

Very nice.
I think they are Sambar Stag. Beautiful stocks.
Congrats on beautiful gun. There are so many nice 1911s I don't often give one a 'like' as I did in this case. I join the others and vote Stag on the grips. Not being really a 1911 person, I only have one, but with stags. Family gun, sort of, belonged to my cousin 12 years older than me & I bought it from his estate. As a kid in the 1930s it was a wore-out $5 gun that we shot up a storm with, one of his ranch hands brought back a nail keg of loose .45 ACP from National Guard Camp, plus a package of US Army internal overhaul parts. Few years ago I paid his estate $140 for it in its beater condition and put in the DIY effort it has today. Just couldn't resist this 'show & tell' opportunity. Restorations/Colt45ACP1918Engrnono.jpg.html]
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That's one beautiful 1911, well worth resurrecting. Thanks for sharing.
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