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Pretty much what rcwambold said,

There are two Lawman revolvers, the Mark III, and the Mark V.

While they look pretty much alike, the Mark V uses the slightly improved internal action of the King Cobra.

The Lawman is a significantly bigger, heavier revolver, with a MUCH larger diameter cylinder than the Detective Special.
The Lawman has basically the same size frame and cylinder as the Colt Python or the S&W 686.

With that said, the Lawman does make an excellent CCW in the right holster.
It's also significantly more powerful than the .38 Special Detective Special when loaded with Magnum ammo.

The trigger action is quite different, but once you get used to it, most people like it.

On the down side, aftermarket grips and holsters are about nonexistent. The Lawman Mark III has a grip shape used ONLY on it and no other gun.

As I recall, the Lawman Mark V uses the same grips as the Trooper Mark V and the King Cobra, so other grips will likely be available, but not common.

The only problem/issue with the Lawman is, you must use snap caps if you want to dry fire it.
There is a possibility that dry firing "could" cause the firing pin to break, and replacement is a factory ONLY job.

Other than that, the Lawman is a tank.

So, bottom line is, the Lawman is on the upper end size-wise of CCW revolvers.
If you can see carrying a snubby Python, you'll have no trouble with a Lawman.

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