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Hey all. I'm not a leather expert, so hopefully you all can help me out here.

My line of work requires me to wear a black "dress" gun belt (I use the Galco SB3 if that matters). Over time, it has started to show some signs of wear from regular use--some light abrasion and loss of the smooth black finish in places. Is there a way to at least partially restore the finish, and/or prevent future wear? I guess I'm really asking for recommendations on basic leather care here.

I also have to wear a white dress shirt with this belt, so I'd prefer not to use anything that would rub off or stain a white shirt too. Thanks!

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Actually Mark, all leather dyes will mark your shirt if it hasn't ever been sealed, and then get wet at some point. Whenever I finish a gunbelt in say a dark or light brown, I always wait 48 hours for it to dry and then apply a sealer I buy from Tandy. It's called Fiebing's Resolene and it works great. I have never had any dye show up on a clients (or mine for that matter) shirt after using this product. Give it a try, and you'll see it works wonderfully.

It's $30.00 for a quart but a 4 oz bottle will last an individual a lifetime I would guess. From Tandy.

Yellow Product Liquid Solvent Paint
Yellow Food Bee pollen

When that's applied you could add this Carnauba Creme for a real nice shine. Product Plantago Perennial plant

God I sound like a commercial for Tandy, don't I? I don't work for them but I do use their products and they're extremely good.


What about leather dye?, I think Kiwi makes leather dye? Once it dried, it would not rub off like boot polish would.
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