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What are your preferences

  • 1st generation

  • 2nd Generation

  • 3rd generation

  • U.S. Cavalry & Artillery

  • Pre 1898

  • Smokeless Proofed

  • Blue and Case Colored

  • Nickel

  • Full Blue

  • Aged Patina

  • 7 and 1/2 Inch Barrel

  • 5 and 1/2 Inch Barrel

  • 4 and 3/4 Inch Barrel

  • 45 Colt

  • Frontier Six Shooter

  • Other Calibers

  • Hard Rubber Grips

  • Ivory Grips

  • Factory Wood Grips

  • Custom Grips, Any kind

  • Factory Original

  • Anything Is OK As Long As It's A Colt

Let's See What We Like Pick 4

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You can pick up to four answers. This should give an overall view of we as a forum like or maybe not? It can be your one dream gun or the features you most like to collect.

Feel free to post your preferences below if you wish.
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I like Colts period ! Except the Root model of coarse.
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Being a newbe, I was fortunate to get a new 5 1/2 during the great pandemic. This forum contributed greatly to my lust for a colt revolver. Being as I started this direction late in life I don't see me pursuing the classic generations. Happy to shoot the snot out of the one I have.
Blued and CCH, 5.5" 45 Colt, 44-40. 4 wasn't enough, I'd have added 38-40 and Stags. And Affordable.
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I also like the 2nd gen and the 7 1/2" barrel but I could only choose 4.
My choices were predicated upon it being a 'shooter' for me. Only 4 choices makes it tough but interestingly challenging too in being forced to limit priorities.

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I put 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Factory Original. I like any factory original gun, I even like the white side hammer on 2nd and 3rd Gens because that was/is the standard offering of the time. I also like customs and in some cases I even like after-market alterations(think 20th century target versions) but my preference would be for factory original.
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Tried not to overthink it.... almost impossible as it allows one to choose their perfect Colt.... which I find impossible, as my choice changes often...

Fun thread and it'll be interesting to see the end result in a few days of, theoretically, the most sought after gun.
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Great fun!
I choose 2nd Gen, 5.5 inch, factory stocks in CC/blue finish. All my guns get fired so my first Colt Sa center fire was the 1958 in 357 in the above config and a shooter grade tack driver that I can't part with.
Also have the same in 38 Special and would like very much to have another but in 44 Special, a caliber that eludes me, but a guy can still look!
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That's because I am still looking for a 5-1/2 inch .41 Colt.
I voted...but my choices are not engraved in stone. My "I'd like to have..." list changes regularly.
1st Gen, Smokeless, BCH and 4 3/4"
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Would have to be a shooter for me and preferably in 45 Colt, I'm not very picky about barrel lengths cause I love all 3
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Hard for me to say. I like pretty much all of them. I currently have a first Gen 5.5" in 32 WCF and a New Frontier third gen in 7.5" barrel 44 Special.
My choices were 1st generation, US Cavalry, 7 and 1/2 Inch. and Factory original. I collect and do not shoot so being able to shoot it is not important to me.
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Not a bad choice to make here but I went with blue and case hardened 7.5 .45 and 4.75 because I want that next.
First generation, blued and CCH, 7-1/2", factory original. Truthfully, the 7-1/2" is the least important of the parameters - if you find a good original first gen, you get what came on it. But preference, if it's up to me I like the longer barrel - both in shooting and balance.
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So far it seems like the most popular gun would be an Original, 1st Generation, 45 Colt, Blue and Case Colored, with a 4 and 3/4 inch barrel.
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1st generation, original, blue/CCH, 44-40, 5 1/2 barrel. Which is what I found a few months back. If I get another, it will be the same caliber or .45 for availability and a few years newer so I can shoot smokeless without the great debate.

Good thread. Hard to pick only 4 but this should help the most desirable traits float to the top. With enough responses, this should be a very good indicator of the market. I wonder how it will compare with availability and value in the end?

Thinking about this poll further, if all choices could be ranked from most important to least important, it might give better results. Or not. Just a thought.
While the shorter barrels definitely have an edge for carrying, there's just something about the 7.5" barrel for shooting. That's why I went with 1st gen, smokeless so you can shoot whatever ammo you have lying around, 7.5" and factory ivory.

Ask me tomorrow and my mind will likely change...
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