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He aint' so little anymore.

best buds,min pin will attack the rottweiler if she gets near her adopted baby

daughter did some video of him too

Little Buck - There is life - YouTube
Little Buck - You'll be in my heart - YouTube
Little Buck - Love is a song - YouTube

for those of you at a loss from the orig thread
we took this little fella in after he had a real hard day

he is now 6 weeks old

the last two pics are from the first days of his life

Little Buck prefers the Colt 6940 for home protection in the country ;)

He lost his mom in traffic then got stuck here
followed by two rounds of fireants
and a thunderstorm with a cold front 20 degree temp drop
I had to do this

We know how deer get during the rut and having no fear of humans being a risky venture.

I just know God smiled at me that day.

45 years of Whitetail hunting shot to heck:bang_wall:
good thing I can still hunt hogs
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