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Looking for a custom grip maker that can:

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I'm not having any success finding a pre-made new or used set of walnut or rosewood double diamond checkered grips with Colt rampant silver/pewter medallions for my stainless steel .45 Combat Commander. I've come across a set or two with gold medallions but I really want to hold out for a silver/pewter set which I think will better complement my Colt.
Can I get a recommendation of a custom grip maker that can carve me a set or even cleanly just install a set of medallions in an available existing double diamond checkered set?

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It's going to be far cheaper to just install a different set of medallions.
I've seen them for sale on Ebay both silver and gold.
Check with Swamprat and see if he will do the installation of silver medallions in your grips.
As above check with Swamprat by email or PM on this site.
Check with Swamprat and see if he will do the installation of silver medallions in your grips.
Thanks Saintclair and dfariswheel, I PM'd swamprat (lower case "s"?) and waiting for a reply.
I recently bought a set of ivory with pewter medallions for my Commander. Got them from Spresseer Knife works. He may have some.
Swamprat has suggested that I find a set of 1911 checkered double diamond grips with the gold rampant Colt medallion and he will switch them out with his silver/pewter medallions. Problem is that I cannot to date find a set of those grips to send him. The best that I have seen and would buy immediately are on midwayusa but they are on backorder/overdue. There are a lot of similar styles out there for sale but they all have a smooth scrolled wandering border around the checkered field that to me resembles a glitzy tuxedo prom jacket from the eighties. Full checkering with double diamonds plus a hole for a silver medallion is what I want.
Just take a little time and keep looking on E-bay and Gunbroker and they will show up. I have bought several nice sets for my guns off E-bay.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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