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FYI. I just ran across this on another forum re: Classic Guns. Don’t know if it is still true.

”I spoke with John Gillette last weekend and due to the increasing regulation and costs on F.F.L. holders in Illinois, Classic Guns will not be renewing their FFL. Their current license expires at the end of April, 2020.

* * * They will remain open for business through April 2020 * * *

Governor Pritzker has made it prohibitively expensive to run a small gunshop or gunsmithing business in Illinois. A new law in Illinois requires gun dealers to be licensed by the state in addition to the federal fee. The state license is $1,500. The new law also requires all dealers to use electronic logbooks. These digital logbook programs can get costly. All 4473 forms will be electronic requiring more technology and expertise. Small shops like Gillette's may be forced to close.

Classic Guns Inc. opened their business in 1986 repairing and restoring fine firearms. John's partner and friend, Al Feldstein, died in 2010. I have enjoyed seeing many incredible firearms pass through their shop.”
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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