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I guess this is a bit late but I was over at the NRA WebSite just now ordering a vest and I see a few hunting type vests there.

Have a look and see if there's something there you can use.

I hope so anyway, and good luck and I hope you get something.

Here's the link: The NRA Store

Well dove season is rapidly approaching and squirrel season is about to heat up and my older-than-I-am hunting vest has finally completely disintegrated. I'm having a H*ll of a time finding one like it. Most all the ones I can find only have a few loops on them and they're inside the pockets. I like my shells more accessible than that.

Does anybody know where I can find one like the old RedHead ones with the rows of shell holders on the front?

Thanks, Eley
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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