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One of my little research projects that has been stalled for a while is finding the serial number at which New Service barrel markings for .44WCF transitioned from "CAL. 44" to "44-40". I've got it narrowed down to the year range 1910-1911, and the serial number range 29275-53583. If you have a NS within this range, or close to it, I would appreciate your PM'ing me the following data:
  • full serial number
  • caliber marking on barrel
  • year (or date) manufactured (if you know it)
  • shipping date, if you have a factory letter
  • barrel length
  • finish (blue, nickel, and/or engraved)
  • model (Transitional or Improved)

As with all the databases I maintain, no information is retained that connects a particular gun with its owner. So all you NS owners go check the back of your safe if you haven't been there in a while, and let me know.:cool:

Thanks in advance,

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