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Looking for info on Colt Commanding Officers Model?

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recently picked this up but cant find out much about it.
Cant find it in the Blue Book.
I was told that it was made in 1985 and that only 365 were made. I cant seem to find anything else about it.
Was it a special order from someone like Lew Horton or otherwise?

I did find this previous link
any info would be appreciated.

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YES! I believe that is indeed a Lew Horton Special - but I could be wrong ...

but either way and FWIW, I consider it to be a desirable version -

a hybrid of the Officers Model [slide] and the Commander Model [frame].

There was a similar model, the Lt. Commander (w/a light weight frame) that I owned for a few years.

A very nice piece,,,, same grips and general configuration.

May I ask what you paid please?
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General Officer's Model

I have a similar configured Colt, a General Officer's Model, 350 produced in 1987. Like yours, it has the officers length slide and commander frame. This one is a Colt product, not a distributor gun. Colt did quite a few of these limited run 1911s in the 1980s. I happen to have a Colt Letter on mine and you could certainly pin point the origin of yours with a letter. Good Luck to you. Very nice package you got there.

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Contacted Lew Horton.
Their customer service said that they could do a database search.
But they also said their data base of serial numbers only goes back for 20 years and mine wasnt in there. Oh well. I guess Colt is the next step.
Tank Officers Model

I have a Tank Officers Model. Colt did these 'special' runs for specific stores at times. The Tank Officers (of 350 or 500, depending on who/what you believe), I was told, were for Jerry's Gun Shop -somewhere in the south. TSC019
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