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LOST in Ohio

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Hi my name is Brian and I was born a Colt lover as my only real possession of my father was a 62 buntline in 22 w/a 9" bbl. My father died in a crash in 1973 I was 3mo. Old. this is the first time I have ever posted any thing on any forum. I do like to read posts though. The title Lost in Ohio is in reference to a SAA 45L Colt with a serial # one up or down from 33649 sa. You see my fathers other 2colts were consecutive and my older brother sold one 12-15 yrs.ago without my knowledge to pay for his divorce and kept one to hand down to his son but his son tragically died last year and now my son is the only heir. I have the holsters my dad bought with them and it isn't right with one empty. He thinks it was sold in the Hartville Ohio area. I figure if people can find lost siblings on the net maybe there's a chance for this.
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Welcome to the Colt forum. I wish you a heartfelt good luck in your quest.
Welcome aboard. Although a big task, not impossible. I'm sure members who cruise shows will keep their eyes out for it. I will.
Good luck.
Welcome from the Pine Barrens of southern New Jersey.

Good luck in your quest.
Hello and welcome to the forum from West Virginia. Glad your here. And good luck in this pursuit .:eek:
Welcome to the Colt Form. Good luck in finding the lost SAA.
Hi Brian, welcome to the Colt Forum. Glad you joined us! Good luck in the hunt!
Welcome from southern Ohio
Welcome from a new guy in Ohio, hopefully you find the missing colt.
Howdy from France and welcome.
First to do is a thread in the WTB section and good luck.
Hello and welcome to the forum
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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