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Hi, Wolfi ~ for some reason I was unable to tack these pics of my M.1889 DA Navy's on to your earlier string. Anyway here goes with pix of my seven M.1889s.

The first 3" barrel example has obviously "seen the elephant" but is probably my favourite of the seven. The two other 3" barrel examples are only 4 digits apart in their serial numbers XX26 and XX30. You can see easily that the blue gun was a well used tool, and the nickel one was probaly stuck away in a drawer for 115 years ~ look carefully and you'll see the reflection of me taking the picture on the frame.

One of the 4.5 inch guns (the 2nd one) has a later barrel and the ejector rod is clearly from another gun (S&W perhaps?).

The lesser of the two 6" barrel guns (the very last gun pictured) came with a F.A. Meanna holster out of Montana and needs to be lettered.

Whereabouts are you located? Perhaps you'll be able to find what you're looking for there.

I hope you find these to be of interest to you.

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