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I am offering for sale 3 U.S.G.I. WWII M3 Combination Tools. Each M3 tool is $50 OBO.
These original unissued M3 tools contain a steel slotted end for the insertion of a cleaning patch. It was used for field stripping and cleaning the M1 Garand Rifle. When not in use, it was stored in the M1 Garand's butt trap.
The practical and collectible device can be used to do the following tasks:
  • removal and replacement of the gas cylinder lock screw
  • removal and replacement of other screws such as the buttplate screws
  • seating the rear sight base
  • extract cartridge case
  • remove various pins
  • aid in removing or assembling ejector
  • aid in removing or assembling extractor
  • clean the barrel chamber
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