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Made this Rampant Colt statue what do you guys think?

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I bought this hand carved horse at an estate sale. The base of the statue is hand signed and dated 1986. The wood main base is from the legs of a live edge table; wife didn't like the legs so I replaced them with pipe. They matched the statue and here they are today. I made the lance from a bamboo scewer. One end I machined from a piece of brass and the spear end was an exacto knife blade that I also reconfigured.

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I really dig your horse. High-form folk art there.

I find the 'Colt" logo a bit incongruous in relation to it.The lettering is sort of two-dimensional and modern (might be the photo though) compared to the wonderful stallion. I'm envious as I couldn't even draw the stallion, let alone render it so beautifully in 3-D as you have.

And the pistols? Fine composition that, for showing your artistry off.馃憦馃憦
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This is exactly why I threw this onto the forum. I had not considered using an older style Colt font and I like your thoughts on this. I spent a good two hours looking at older fonts after seeing your comment.

Also, the Colt looks a little 3D because I burned the logo into the wood with my laser. The wood leg itself is pretty old and reacted fairly strongly to the laser.
I was thinking it might be the photo not completely taking advantage of depth of the logo. I like the font a lot and as the stallion is timelessly iconic they are always going to be a good match.

Hell, aside from not having the talent for the horse, I'd have not even thought of the Colt tombstone either. If I ever had this on my table for sale - I'm guessing I'd have a LOT of money on it.
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